With its galvanically isolated USB-C port and sturdy aluminium enclosure the MonoDAQ-U-X is a robust and versatile data acquisition device. Multiple devices can be connected to the same computer.

The MonoDAQ-U-X features eight ports individually configurable as analogue or digital input or output. Analogue inputs can also be grouped to create differential inputs. Besides these eight configurable ports a two-way digital port is available that supports the 1-Wire protocol. An analogue output to drive sensors or to power a subsystem (up to 24 V, 1 W) has not been forgotten either. Furthermore, integrated in the MonoDAQ-U-X are a temperature and humidity sensor and a 6-axis IMU.

MonoDAQ boxed
The MonoDAQ in its box. It comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable.

Great price/performance ratio

Supported by the (Windows-only) DEWESoft data acquisition, processing and visualization tool setting up a measurement environment is quick and easy. Data analysis and processing can be done on-the-fly by adding predefined processing blocks or by entering mathematical equations directly. Captured data can, of course, be exported for further analysis in your preferred tool.

Users who do not or cannot use DEWESoft can control the MonoDAQ-U-X with the tool Isotel DAQ & Metering (IDM) on Java-supporting platforms from macOS to Raspberry Pi or Android smartphones. It also provides a gateway for controlling the MonoDAQ-U-X in Python.

In short, the MonoDAQ-U-X is an excellent price/performance choice for anyone with a data-acquisition need not requiring high speeds.
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