Mooshimeter screen with trend curves
The precision of the Mooshimeter is an especially strong feature of this device. What we’re talking about is not the absolute accuracy, which is typically 0.5% FS for current and voltage measurements and therefore comparable to an average DMM. What we mean is that with the 24-bit converters, which according to the specs deliver at least 18 effective bits at 125 samples per second, you have very high resolution that lets you detect very small changes in current or voltage. For comparison, a good-quality 4.5-digit DMM usually has a 16-bit ADC.

The range of the Bluetooth connection was excellent in the Elektor Castle. Linking up over a distance of 10 meters or so (about 35 feet) through several walls was no problem. Of course, you don’t always need that, but this sort of wireless link can be very handy when you want to monitor what’s happening at a test setup on the bench from your office desk some distance away.

With an instrument that is distinctly different from what is customary in terms of operation or functionality, there’s always the question of how quickly you get used to it and how well you like it in practice. With this device the answer is very positive. It is a well-conceived instrument that has obviously been designed and developed by people with practical experience. There aren’t any unnecessary bells and whistles, it does exactly what you expect, and the only thing it asks of you is to spend some time learning how to use it. I was very pleased with the Mooshimeter, and I have only a few criticisms. They mainly relate to the software, which for my taste could be a bit clearer with regard to the indication of ranges and settings, and hopefully in the future will be extended with more features such as measuring power and power factor.

The Mooshimeter is an instrument with outstanding specs and unique features, the price is reasonable, and I would not hesitate to buy it for my own use – but only if you let me keep my regular multimeter, because I am still very attached to it.
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