STEMTera is a great idea and the product is of good quality, strong and robustly built. Available in several colours, it is a perfect Arduino teaching platform, but also great for people who (try to) use Arduino in Lego projects thanks to its Lego-compatible bottom side.

STEMTera is a normal breadboard with 2x 40 columns of 5 contacts each, plus two supply rows on either side. This breadboard extends with Arduino shield compatible pins that connect directly to the built-in Arduino Uno R3. STEMTera is an Arduino with prototyping shield rolled into one sturdy tool.

Plugging a shield on STEMTera
Plugging a shield on STEMTera is easy.

The pins of the second microcontroller that normally serves as serial-to-USB converter has been broken out too, giving the user two microcontrollers to play with.

For many people the STEMTera will be one of the best ways to do Arduino experiments; its only downside is the lack of documentation, but that is something that can be solved easily: click here!
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