Now we only need to fit the search coil to the end of the detector pole. As you can see in the next picture — the bolt, wing nut and washers are all made of plastic because any metal parts this close to the search coil would influence the electro-magnetic fields produced by the coils. On the end of the pole is a straight bearing which engages in a bracket on the search coil shown by the red arrow in the picture. The two plastic washers fit into recesses either side of the bearing at the end of pole. Its best to put the bolt through from the right side otherwise the end of the bolt will interfere with the search coil cable outlet. In the manual this picture is the other way around because the image is shown mirrored, you probably already noticed that. The two plastic washers provide some friction to the joint, allowing you set the tightness of the joint with the wing nut and then easily adjust the search coil angle so that it lays parallel to the terrain you are scanning.

The fixings connecting the search coil to the pole are all plastic.
Humans come in all shapes and sizes and there are a few centimeters difference between the world's tallest population in the Netherlands and those who hail from more southern continents. The CS400 provides adjustments to ensure most people will be able to use it comfortably. The lower rod pushes into the upper tube and has sprung buttons which engage into one of five hole positions in the upper tube. Once you’ve found the right position you can tighten the lower black clamp nut. I am of average height for my country of origin and the penultimate position was about right for me. It would seem to provide enough adjustment for people taller than 2 m.
The forearm rest position can also be moved further up the pole if that is more comfortable. As you can see, the cable has ample length for all adjustment positions, just wind any excess cable around the pole to take up the slack and plug the connector into the control box with the power turned off.
The length of the pole of lthe CS400 can be adjusted to suit all sizes.
There is a separate compartment for each 9V battery.
To start work you will first need to fit two PP3-sized 9 V batteries (not included in the kit). First undo the screw holding the battery compartment lid, remove it by pulling it upwards and clip in the two batteries. Replace the cover and the fixing screw.
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