Review: PeakTech P5600 Endoscope

August 23, 2018 | 07:00
With the term endoscope, what you probably think of first, is an instrument for medical applications, but in this case it is a handy device that, through a thin flexible tube with a camera built into the end, lets you look into difficult to access places. Applications that come to mind are awkward spaces around the engine in a car or inspecting the input hose to a washing machine. This is therefore not a device that was specifically designed for use with electronics, but is for anyone who would like to look in difficult to access places.

The PeakTech P5600 consists of a base unit in the shape of a pistol grip on top of which is a TFT monitor and is connected to a flexible tube of 1 m with a small camera. All this is supplied in a small plastic carry case, together with a few accessories such as batteries, different connecting cables, a microSD card and a few end-pieces for the camera.

Tube and camera

The camera, which is mounted at the font of the tube, has a resolution of 640x480 pixels. The lens has a reasonably large viewing angle of about 60 degrees. Around the lens are mounted 6 white LEDs that can be turned on and off from the base unit and the brightness is continuously adjustable. The tip of the tube, the part that contains the camera, is 8.2 mm thick; the remainder of the tube is 7 mm thick. So this gives you good access to reasonably small openings and spaces. The tube with the camera is well sealed and waterproof (IP67, withstands submersion in water to 1 m). The focus range of the camera operates from a distance of about 3 cm.

Base unit and monitor

The P5600 is supplied with various accessories.
The base unit contains four AA batteries for the power supply. With the aid of a “trigger” the user can switch on an LED with a power rating of 1 W, which is mounted on the front of the base unit, so that you can easily explore the space to be examined. On the side of the unit is an LED indicator that indicates the state of the batteries.

The TFT monitor is 3.5” in size and has a resolution of 320x240 pixels and is housed in a separate enclosure, that has a number of contacts on the back. This enclosure is connected to the hand grip before use. It is, however, also possible to use the monitor separate from the hand grip through the use of a supplied connecting cable.

On the back of the monitor housing is a small door with a microSD card that is used for storing the images on the monitor in the form of photos or videos. Unfortunately you have to remove the monitor from the hand grip in order to access the door to the SD card.

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