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ClemensValens 8 hours ago
We did the board in Altium. Apparently the spiral posed a lot of problems for our version of Altium and the PC it ran on. For commercial usage of Elektor projects and articles, please send an email to (then I should receive it).
Spiral MicroTesla, USB powered [160498]
Axiris 17 hours ago
Hallo Marvin, Het gaat inderdaad om een logo en een afbeelding welke deel uitmaakten van een andere tekening. Om één of andere reden zijn de referenties naar de afbeeldingen bij kopiëren en plakken in dit bestand meegekopieerd geraakt en heeft AutoCAD deze onthouden ook al worden die afbeeldingen verder niet meer gebruikt in deze tekening. In principe hoef je je hier niets van aan te trekken, de vectortekeningen van de panelen van de behuizing is alles wat je nodig hebt. Groeten, Ilse
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
Jerry Post
Jerry Post 19 hours ago
Hello, first im using software version 1.1 The problem is: when im working in AP modus, the config page is reachable. But when I want to config on my own WIFI and it reboots after config his is unreachable at that point. On my connected devices list its not showing. So the IP-adress is unknown. When we reboot and hold the S1 button the accespoint mode is working correct. and I look at the wIfi setting it shows its connected at "wifi_Herrie" That what I programmed.  So please can you help me to figure out what is going wrong.  Thank you. Jerry 
ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
Cameron Prince
Cameron Prince 1 day ago
Understood... Thank you. To whom would I need to speak with about using portions of this circuit, board design and firmware in a commercial product? Also, I'm having a heck of a time getting the Gerber files imported into Eagle so I can alter the board design. Would you happen to have an existing Eagle project I could use? Cameron
Spiral MicroTesla, USB powered [160498]
rjv 1 day ago
hard to say, it depends on the amount of sun you get there, the capacity of your battery, and the capacity of the solarpanel you use. also the amount of hours, days, weeks or months that you want it to work independantly.
ESP32 Weather Station (180468)