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Wer Weis
Wer Weis 7 hours ago
one more suggestion... I played v2.7 ... thanks question: can you still accommodate the language selection on the new page?
3 displays alarm-clock with TFT screen, Softwareupdate [170112-b]
DF5CL 13 hours ago
Hallo DC7FB, Schau mal auf: Hier findest Du einiges zu diesem Thema in deutscher Sprache. vy 73 DF5CL
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]
CalM_at_Work 18 hours ago
An ATX supply might be a nice option for the station, but also consider that this requieres so care, as some of the ATX supplys don't like running without a given minimum load. Generally it could also be considered to used the power supplies used in the 3d printers as those deliver a good amount of current @12V. The 1.5A Limit was choosen, as the 12V 2A or 1.5A supplies are easy to source for arround 9 or 10 bucks. The 1.5A limit is currently within the software, during the tests inside the LAB we also used it with 3.5A+ to get a bit faster heating time. If you like i put a feature request so that we can add a option to disable the limit, at the users own risk.   But back to the ATX suggestions. Yes you could do power all other goodies with it, but this would be a Benchpowersupply. By the ideas given, why not lets take a cup of our favourite drink an bring ideas down to a list, may we something new, or completly different, like a nice DIY-Benchpowersupply powerd by an ATX power supply, which in return could be used to power the soldering station with requiered amount of current. Best Regards  
180348 DIY soldering station
Jenso 1 day ago
I dont have the equipment to program the microcontroller. Could someone here help me with that please? Thanks in advance Jens
Programmable Refrigerator Watchdog in Raspberry Pi Box [130382]
JohnHind 1 day ago
Not sure I take your point. I am not applying for a patent, just suggesting this as a way of economically removing two limitations of this soldering station design (the restriction in the heater power and the lack of tip grounding). It then occured that a soldering station would additionally benefit from some USB power ports for microscopes, LED spotlights, fume extractors, topping up your phone whilst listening to soothing music or following U-Tube instructional videos etc. Your comment is quite ironic because this soldering station project is itself a revisit of an earlier article! If Elektor never revisited projects it had done before, it would be a much thinner magazine!
180348 DIY soldering station