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Calpe 1 hour ago
Sadly, i'm getting no where with these items: - I am unable to place my spares order from the U.K. until this is clear. The spare list consists of: - Pinheaders Pinheaders with Mating Sockets Pinheaders with jumper Pinheaders with Socket Headers Jumpers Socket Headers Boxheaders Although Farnell has a 'filter', what i want to avoid is ordering the incorrect types. Help would be greatly appreciated.  
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)
rjv 4 hours ago
is pin 15 and 16 from the display attached?
Platino Soldering Station [140107 ]
rjv 4 hours ago
it will do fine, the soldering station accepts from 15 to 20 volts
Platino Soldering Station [140107 ]
RICH OBERMEYER 17 hours ago
What happened to the great team of Neal and Breed working together to add some new features? In March it was exciting. Here in almost October it looks like it died out and lost interest which also kill elektor readers interest.  Breed suggested he might get back from something else more exciting by end of year. The boot loader is critical and that needs to come from the factory or each user has to buy a pickit, install all the software, and figure out how to make it work.  A built in UI boot loader makes it trivial for newbies to get excited.  They really can make their own features. A roadmap and wiki might get some interest going. It needs a champion and right now I don't see one. I held off buying mine until I see it moving.  Right now it not looking like a HOLD, not a BUY status.
New Software for Network Connected Signal Analyzer
DanyR 17 hours ago
Thanks Roland. In the MOC3020M is stated:typical 115/240 Vac(rms) applicationsSolenoid/Valve ControlsLamp BallastsInterfacing Microprocessors to 115/240 Vac PeripheralsMotor Controls Incandescent Lamp Dimmers So I am a little surprised...
230V AC dimmer, mains isolated, using P12F629