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Peter K Carnegie
Peter K Carnegie 32 minutes ago
Hi Lars You are correct, the G8JCFSDR Setup Guide does not cover the Elektor SDR Shield - I must update it :) To use the G8JCFSDR with the Elektor SDR shield please proceed as follows. 1)  Make sure that no program is connected the virtual Serial Port of your Arduino, eg Arduino IDE, this is VERY important. 2)  Install and Startup the G8JCFSDR, but do NOT click the "Power On" button 3)  Click on the Config button - if it's not visible, Click "Display Full" - and the Configuration window will be displayed. 4)  Click on "Serial I/F" tab, and select the appropriate Com Port; only port numbers 1~10 are valid (I must release a new version which only shows 1-10 !!) 5)  Click on "General" tab, and select "Elektor SDR Shield" from the "SDRModel" drop down combo 6)  Click on "Soundcard" tabe, and select the appropriate soundcard input for the I/Q input from the SDR Shield, and output for the loudspeakers. 7)  Click Apply, OK, to exit configuration. 8)  Click "Power On" to start receiving. 9)  The G8JCFSDR will display a window saying that the Arduino fiormware needs to be updated. 10)  Follow the onscreen instructions, and the G8JCFSDR will automatically download the correct firmware to the Arduino. 11)  Once the download has been completed, the G8JCFSDR will start receiving. Once you are happy that the G8JCFSDR is properly controlling the SDR Shield, you will probably want to perform a Calibration.  In which case look further down this forum for a full set of instructions, or just click Calibrate on the General tab in configuration and click the Help button. Hopefully these instructions will help get you up and running. Please let us know how it goes 73 Peter
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]
BONJOUR  j,ai une erreur de compilation  message d,erreur suivant erreur de compilation pour la carte arduino nano  que faire  cordialement Charles  
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Lars  Jacobsen
Lars Jacobsen 5 hours ago
I have try to download his program, but what about setup guide, because the guide I can on his pages seems not to fit the reload shield ? and i will have i update some firmware  
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]
Mansueto Grech
Mansueto Grech 8 hours ago
Hi Joost, I am interested in a kit. regards Mans
RF Power Meter with 1MHz-10GHz bandwidth and 55dB dynamic range
Peter K Carnegie
Peter K Carnegie 22 hours ago
Hi Lars Sorry, No. I use the Elektor SDR Shield with my G8JCFSDR software, so I have no need of an LCD attached to the UNO. The G8JCFSDR directly controls the tuning of the SDR shield to 1Hz precision without any glitching. Why are U using an LCD since you will also need a PC/MAC/LINUX to demodulate the I/Q output or are U building a h/w phasing/Weaver type receiver ? 73 Peter - GM8JCF
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]