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Calpe 4 hours ago
C11, C38 = 4.7 pF, +/- 0.25pF, 100 V, lead spacing 5 mm is not available in Farnell. Maplin U.K. have a Metallised Ceramic Plate 4.7pF Capacitor, Code: WX40T, which should be suitable.  It's a 'miniature ceramic capacitor with a cement-coated case. It is suitable for temperature compensation in tuned circuits where low losses, close tolerance and high stability are required.'
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)
ClemensValens 6 hours ago
On the photographs in the articles you can see what was used in our prototype: mainy single-row pin headers, I see a double-row pin header and 2 box headers. I gave you the references before, here they are once more: Terminal block is something like Farnell 2067355 Pin header is something like Farnell 1098454 Pin socket something like Farnell 9728856 Box header is something like Farnell 1654504 Double row pin header is like Farnell 1098460 You need plenty of jumpers, for instance Farnell 1740371 Box Headers mate with things like ribbon cable sockets, f.i. Farnell 1788710, that get pressed on a flat cable. On GitHub you can find the Elektor Labs Preferred (ELPP) list that contains Farnell & RS references for many parts that we use.  
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)
Quenton Jones
Quenton Jones 7 hours ago
It's not going to save any money... but if you are in the UK you might ask Terry at Canterbury Windings to make your toroid. Including electrostatic shield. He has a really compact 432 VA toroid with shield < 132mm diameter.
Q-Watt - Simple Audio Power Amplifier (110656)
geralds 18 hours ago
Hi, yes indeed; i know it. But, i think that's better you don't isolate this on the "hot" side the way to the TRIAC, but that you isolate this to the "cold" side to the logic. This is much more easier in handling. You'll need just an opto coupler or LWL for remote controlling the µC. Gerald ---  
230V AC dimmer, mains isolated, using P12F629
BreedJ 19 hours ago
You are right Rich. The thing is that I was in the middle of another project I've posted on this site later (10MHZ GPS assisted reference) when I started changing the signal analyser software. At some point I wanted to finish the GPS reference project, so this one was put on hold. I'm still very busy with that project. I'll try to contact Neal to ask if we can add some functionality like the bootloader. Its all a time problem. I need longer evenings so I can spend more time on these projects ;-). One problem is that if we manage to get the bootloader working, all who already bought a signal analyser still need to use a programmer to load the bootloader for the first time. Also the boards which are in the elektor shop will have to be sold with that firmware. Otherwise there's no point in making it because only who have a programmer are able to use the bootloader. That doesn't make sence. I do not know if elektor is planning to use the new firmware when its ready. 
New Software for Network Connected Signal Analyzer