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Philippe MATILLON 8 hours ago
This does work with a Halogen Lamp (and not only with an incandescent ) ? Best regards Philippe
Electrically Safe LED-to-Lamp Converter (140095)
Quenton 14 hours ago
Earth loop fixed. I made another 10 Ohm earth loop breaker of the Rod Elliott variety. Used one between each electronic ground and the earth (PE) (also chassis). Dual redundant diodes in case of short circuit. The very faint buzz from the bass cone is now completely eliminated. Now there is 20 Ohms isolation between the left and right channels. Q.
Q-Watt - Simple Audio Power Amplifier (110656)
Roland Temmerman
Roland Temmerman 17 hours ago
 If design isn't functional and help the user, it doesn't matter how beautiful it is. The Bosch sensor BME280 is not calibrated and is not easy to calibrate by software. The sensor can hardly be used as a temperature indication because it deviates 2 to 2,5 degrees from a calibrated TSI Q-TRAK (IAQ monitor) in the range of 10 to 20 °C. Further cheap modules with the same sensor from both Adafuit and BlueDot also show the important deviation. No precision sensor is expected for this price, but none of the three is appropriate even for consumer use. Best regards
RGBdigit clock [160100]
ClemensValens 2 days ago
No, sorry, we are not going to split kits in sub kits. But look at it in another way: thanks to this complete kit your other Arduino projects can advance without interruption.
170417 Arduino Xmas Tree
Peter K Carnegie
Peter K Carnegie 3 days ago
Hi Chris That is really great news :) :) !!! I wonder what was going on ? INPOUT.DLL should also go into SYSWOW64, but I doubt very much that parallel port control of a DDS would actually work on W10, UAC and all that security stuff. I can't think of the last machine I had that had a parallel port on it, must have been an XP machine back in 2005 maybe. Anyway, onto the really important matter, a decent aerial. I absoultely recommend the M0AYF loop - very easy,cheap,quick to build on stripboard, or get a WellGood pcb from George Smart and build an even better loop, but more expensive (not a lot) than the M0AYF loop. Good luck, and let us know how your adventures progress Peter
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]