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Calpe 49 minutes ago
Check out the posts in Posts #98, 101, 135 & 146
Q-Watt - Simple Audio Power Amplifier (110656)
TonGiesberts 4 hours ago
To get more information on the playback page and the main menu item ‘Turn off’ visible on the 3.5 inch LCD can be done by rotating the display 90 degrees. All it takes is installing the driver again but with a suffix.   For the Waveshare display we used: Change location  to the driver:   cd LCD-show/  (or to wherever the driver is located) then run:                                            ./LCD35-show 90   Initially this didn’t work, nothing changed. But then we still used the older version LCD-show-160520.tar.gz. Updating to  the latest version (LCD-show-161112.tar.gz) and replacing the directory LCD-show and trying again proofed successful.   Installing the driver again will change /boot/config.txt again and maybe also /etc/modules. So there’s no audio after reboot (happens automatically). Look at the main project text and enable I2S and the Audio-DAC again (check enabling hifiberry at the end of the text, just before the measurements).   More detailed information can be found on the website of Waveshare:   Now the MENU item ‘Turn off’ is visible but on the Playlist page ‘Clear Queue’ is not visible. This is annoying because clearing a large playlist item by item is not exactly user friendly. So whatever you prefer, 0 or 90 degrees both are not perfect.   In the two photo’s the 90 degrees rotation is shown. In the first photo also the menu items Repeat, Random, Single and Consume Mode are visible. In the second photo MENU is open and item ‘Turn off’ is visible now.  
Audio DAC for RPi - Networked Audio Player using Volumio [160198]
MJB 4 hours ago
A firmware update for the REMI is now available for download from the author's project website, here:
Rudimentary Electronic Musical Instrument and MIDI Controller
TonGiesberts 8 hours ago
Look at 'From the lab' (date 25 februari 2015). This is version 2. At this moment there's no plan to make any revisions.
IR Remote Control Learning Dimmer or Heat Control [140279-I]
Calpe 20 hours ago
It's now the end of February 2017 and the Q-Watt is still going strong with the kits again available from March. As in my earlier post of November 19, 2016, i still suggest a much needed rewrite of the Q-Watt is needed taking on board all the issues, suggestions, types of PSU's etc etc., its the least that can be done.
Q-Watt - Simple Audio Power Amplifier (110656)