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greenlicium 1 hour ago
after downloading the boot and connect the board to an USB port..... .... the device descriptor is well initialized by windows. before that I swap by wires D+ and D- on the board because connecting D+ to DM is a bad idea... and I did it (so seally am I!) so first issue : on the schematics please note that D+ and D- must be permuted! sorry!
SolarBench: test your solar panel up to 300W with a MPPT matchbox
Bernard STEINBACH 3 hours ago
I ordered the Atmel kit because the project arouse my curiosity ... well presented, functional, original and, it seems, scalable! I find the prototyping Elektor board (i have to say beautifully finished) a little bit "big" for this kit, which wants to be miniature and I think the wiring, even it is not monstrous, would be simplified by etching a circuit a bit more suitable (less wiring) and smaller. The sound is good. But it seems to me that the bass boost is enabled by default. Too bad, it is not possible to disengage it from the menu. Less good is the MONO output. No success to get a stereo decoding even when trying many directions with the audio cable, so: - Is it a lack of sensitivity? - Is this a problem of pre-emphasis? - Is it a software implementation ? Perhaps connecting a real antenna would solve the problem, but I have not tested yet, assembly is still recent ! To make that will i have to tweak the little FM card by removing the L4 / C4 and connect the antenna to the RDA5870's pin 2 ? If not, has anyone a different idea / suggestion? Otherwise, I don't know at all how to verify the inclusion of mono or stereo setting in the  μC code... ! :-( If someone encounters the same problems, thank you for your feedback... that would be great Thanks a lot !  
tiny radio [150587]
greenlicium 5 hours ago
I finally find another bootloader from microchip which comes with a long list of #pragma directive for configuring the clocking gear. I will test it this afternoon
SolarBench: test your solar panel up to 300W with a MPPT matchbox
DaveGadgeteer 15 hours ago
What has happened to this siphon meter project? I can't seem to find any detailed description of its design.
Siphon-based Rain Meter
BreedJ 1 day ago
 This is a very fun and cool project. I like it.
Sand Clock