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BreedJ 1 hour ago
 This is a very fun and cool project. I like it.
Sand Clock
greenlicium 21 hours ago
I'm an hardware guy... for sure... I've build my board on the picdem 163025 evalboard . It comes with a USB bootloader. Very convinient for debbuging... Unfortunatly I don't have spare part of 20Mhz Xtal and thousand of 16Mhz xtal... I believe it was simple to change this into the source code of the bootloader but I'm absolutly unable to locate something like XTAL_FREQ .... So if anybody know here it is assigned.... I'll be happy best regards
SolarBench: test your solar panel up to 300W with a MPPT matchbox
greenlicium 1 day ago
Thanks sir! I got the samples, so I'm gonna test the ICD soon! best regards!  
SolarBench: test your solar panel up to 300W with a MPPT matchbox
DanyR 1 day ago
> i think that's better you don't isolate this on the "hot" side the way to the TRIAC, but that you > isolate this to the "cold" side to the logic. This is much more easier in handling. Everything depends on the "width" of the cold side of the logic. In my circuit diagram there is no cold side (ins and outs of the PIC that are not triac related) shown, it has to be added by the user of the circuit. So, in some cases you are right, in others isolating the cold side could be more expensive than only 2 optocouplers...
230V AC dimmer, mains isolated, using P12F629
Johan Benko
Johan Benko 2 days ago
Hi, the shield arrived yesterday. I followed the instructions and I have the same errors (post of Lars) while compiling. Is there any information about what we are doing wrong? Latest ArduinoSDR; Arduino IDE 1.6.9 Any help is welcome! Best regards, Johan
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]