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Elektor is the world’s only independent, international electronics magazine with an in-house design laboratory. Every issue of Elektor magazine is loaded with up-to-date news and views, real-world lab tests and high quality DIY construction projects. You can rely on Elektor for solutions and insights to all your electronics challenges. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, embedded Linux, 3D printing and more. But Elektor is much more than a magazine! It's a community of active e-engineers - from novices to professionals - eager to learn, make, design and share surprising electronics!

Publisher: Don Akkermans
Managing Editor: Jan Buiting

Membership Manager: Raoul Morreau

Laboratory Staff: Thijs Beckers, Ton Giesberts, Luc Lemmens, Jan Visser, Clemens Valens and Hedwig Hennekens

Website Design & Maintenance: Danielle Mertens
Product Manager: Secretary
Page Layout / DTP: Giel Dols & Mart Schroijen
Memberships: Membership Department
Sales: Sales Department
Advertising (UK/US/ROW) : Margriet Debeij

  • is the world’s only independent, international electronics magazine with an in-house design laboratory, and PCB design department
  • leads the way in high-quality repeatable construction projects covering microcontrollers, high-end audio, RC modeling, RF, and test & measurement
  • leads the way in in-depth technical articles about recent developments in electronics technology
  • has been in circulation since December 1974 (UK edition) without fail
  • takes pride in publishing innovative and unusual electronic designs
  • appears 6 times a year (magazines of 132 pages each!)
  • contains more articles than any other electronics magazine (compared on a yearly basis)
  • accepts contributions from freelance authors and designers
  • is produced by people with a passion for electronics
  • is a member of FIPP, the International Federation of the Periodical Press


Head Office:
Visitors Address: Oude Rijksweg Noord 64a, 6114 JG
Susteren, Nederland
Mailing address: Postbus 11, 6114 ZG
Susteren, Nederland
Phone: +31 46 4389444
KvK Limburg 34249926 | VAT
NL8161.46.962.B.01 | Statutaire zetel Limbricht

UK office:
78 York Street
London W1H 1DP
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7692 8344

UK address (post forwarding only):
Elektor International Media
78 York Street
London, W1H 1DP