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At Elektor Labs, we focus on quality, not on quantity. The online Elektor Labs platform is much more than a free online platform where you can show off your skills. Our team of electronics specialists can assist you in bringing your projects to life. Want to develop a product to be sold in the Elektor Store? Would you like to write an article to be published in Elektor magazine? We are here to help.

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Elektor Labs platform July 2024
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About Elektor Labs Projects

On our website, we no longer use the three categories (proposals, in progress and finished) that we used to work with. A new Project, however, does remain in Draft state until you decide to publish it. (Have a look at the manual for more information.) This way, you still have the ability to keep things private until you are happy. 

Badges are helpful. We now have SOS and Dead End for projects that, well, you may need help with or wish to terminate. But we are open for suggestions and this system allows for future categorizations. Another thing you may recognize is the contests section where you may enroll your project if it fits and you would like to compete. 

Elektor Jumpstarter

Elektor Jumpstarter is our version of a crowd-funding website. It is intended to help innovators like you turn your electronics projects into products. You can share new electronic projects proposals with a community that can support and fund them. To participate, simply submit a project through the Elektor LABS project page and then activate the little rocket.
Elektor Labs - Jumpstarter rocket

By submitting, you are asking the community to back your project to a certain minimum treshold. No money flows back and forth. You are simply asking Elektor Labs community members to pledge their purchase in a later stage, no strings attached. The process gives us some essential insights about the viability of your project and product idea!

Elektor Labs: More to come

So, you want to get started with Elektor Labs? Read the manual. In the upcoming months, more options will be released to the LABS. To name a few, there is the option to follow your favorite community members, so every time they release a new project you get a short but polite message about it. Another feature is the option to form a group. Group members can work together on projects and also jointly publish their favorite projects based on themes or any other feature. So keep an eye out, we are not done yet!


On the Elektor Labs platform, we want to inspire and challenge all those with a passion for electronics to publish their projects. Don't let this legal text diminish your enthusiasm to publish a project, but we also want to protect the intellectual property rights of the original rights holder and therefore include the following disclaimer for our and your protection:

Every user of the Elektor Labs platform needs to make sure that the project they are publishing is their own, including text, images, source code and all other published material, hereinafter independently and jointly referred to as ‘Content’. Elektor does not take any responsibility for possible copyright issues on their projects. Any claim for infringement of intellectual property rights about a Labs project will be borne by the Labs user who published it. If an author wants to use Content that is not their own, they must receive written permission from the Content owner(s), and the original source of the Content must be explicitly mentioned. The source must be visible and can be written in the file name, or in the text immediately next to the Content, or in the image caption. 

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About Elektor

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