About Elektor .LABS

January 1, 2015 | 21:28
About Elektor .LABS
About Elektor .LABS

Elektor.LABS is an online community for people passionate about electronics. It is a place where you can share your projects and participate in those posted by others; a place where you can discuss project development and electronics.

Looking for the manual?

At Elektor.LABS we focus on quality, not on quantity; it is not just some free web space where you can show off your skills. Our team of electronics specialists assists you to bring your projects to a good end and help you if you wish to develop a product to be sold in our store or to write an article to be published in our magazine.

Elektor Members form the basis of our community, but we welcome anyone who is willing to participate. A free registration is enough to get started and gives you full and unlimited access to the Elektor.LABS projects.

About Projects:
Projects are divided in three categories: Proposals, In Progress and Finished. Moving projects from one category to another can only be done by the administrator.

When you create a new project it will show up in this list. They are called "proposals" because the Elektor technical editors use this list to select projects from that will be published in Elektor Magazine.

In Progress...
Proposals selected by the Elektor technical editors are tranfered to this list when an Elektor engineer starts working on it. These projects are currently under test and in the process of finalization for publication in Elektor Magazine.

Finished projects

  • have either been finalized and are waiting for publication;
  • have been published in Elektor Magazine;
  • are dead-ends and have been abandoned.

So you want to get started? Here is a manual.

About Elektor Magazine
Elektor Magazine aims to inspire people to master electronics at any personal level by presenting construction projects and spotting developments in electronics and information technology. Elektor Magazine is published worldwide through subscription, news stands and bookshops. Together with its French, Dutch, and German sister magazines, and other licensed editions Elektor is on circulation in more than 50 countries with a total circulation of about 125,000 copies per month.

About EIM
EIM is the world’s leading source of essential technical information and electronics products for pro engineers, electronics designers, and the companies seeking to engage them. Each day, our international team develops and delivers high-quality content — via a variety of media channels (e.g., magazines, video, digital media, and social media) in several languages — relating to embedded systems, electronics design and DIY electronics.
More on EiM..

All content on the ELEKTOR.LABS section of this website is copyright (c) Elektor and EIM. You are not allowed to reuse any of it without prior written authorisation of Elektor or EIM (Disclaimer).

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