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Electronics industry experts discuss real engineering challenges and solutions

Elektor Industry Insights is a go-to resource for busy engineers and maker pros who want to stay informed about the world of electronics. During each episode, Elektor's editors and engineers will discuss real engineering challenges and solutions with electronics industry experts. Whether you are struggling with EMI/EMC problems, trying to keep your IoT product’s firmware updated, or looking to design new RISC-V-based products, Elektor's insightful guests will help you achieve your engineering goals.
The show appears regularly LinkedIn, Twitter, and the Elektor TV channel on YouTube. We encourage our audience to send in their questions during the show so that our experts can provide live feedback and solutions. If you'd like to join us, or have a topic you'd like us to cover, simply get in touch at editor@elektor.com.

Elektor Engineering Insights

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Elektor's Content and Lab Team

C. J. Abate is Elektor's Director of Content and Lab. You can read many of his articles here. Follow him on Twitter at @Elektor_US.

Stuart Cording is an engineer and journalist with more than 25 years of experience in the electronics industry. You can find many of his Elektor articles below.

Saad Imtiaz is an embedded systems engineer with a background in Mechatronics Engineering. Currently, Saad drives software and hardware project development within these domains.

Brian Tristam Williams began translating and editing for Elektor in 2010. Currently, he is an Editor (English) for Elektor Mag. 

Jens Nickel is Elektor’s Editor in Chief. In addition to programming, he enjoys electronic music and video production. You can read his recent Elektor articles here.

Jean-François Simon is an engineer with an interest in topics as varied as circuit design, test and measurement, prototyping, playing with SDRs and more! He manages the Elektor Labs platform.

Clemens Valens is a Senior Engineer at Elektor. He holds a BSc in Electronics and an MSc in Electronics and Information Technology. You can read his recent Elektor articles here.

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