Crush Your Enemies With Your Mind

March 4, 2013 | 14:31
The multiplayer game Throw Trucks With Your Mind integrates your psychic abilities as game controllers using EEG technology. 

In the game the strength of your avatar depends entirely on your state of mind. A NeuroSky Mindwave EEG headset measures brainwaves to determine your levels of focus and calm and these count as values of your in-game telekinetic powers.

TTWYM plays like a first person shooter without the guns. Instead, the avatar can grab objects in the environment like oil drums, crates or trucks and fling them at opponents to eliminate them. The force with which, say, trucks can be thrown depends on the focus of the player.

Focus also controls superjumps and stopping moving objects. The concept can work as a fun self-disciplinary tool. For instance, staying calm can slow your descent when falling down. Failing to master your calm results in death on impact.

TTWYM is currently in pre-alpha phase. Its creator Lat Ware and his team have started a crowd funding project on Kickstarter to finish the game. At the time of writing the project had reached 60% of its $40,000 goal with nine days to go. The game as it is shown in the video uses graphics from the Unreal game engine in which it was developed. If the Kickstarter goal is reached that look will be replaced by original artwork and avatars.

There are different game modes. Gamers can play by themselves against computer controlled AIs. Those do have guns so the challenge is to stay calm in a hail of bullets. It’s also possible to play against other people -the game allows up to 35 players- either in teams or every one for themselves and the AI for them all.

The game is not completely brain controlled because there is no consumer grade hardware to support that. Keyboard and mouse are used to move through the environment and select powers. But the strength of those powers totally depends on your neuromastery.  

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