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Elektor Magazine: The Leading Electronics Magazine

Elektor Magazine has been one of the leading sources of information on electronics for electronics engineers, designers, start-ups and companies for more than six decades. Our electronics magazine is powered by an active community of e-engineers – from students to professionals – who are passionate about designing and sharing innovative electronics.

For them, we publish hundreds of items a year, in formats such as articles, videos, webinars, and courses.
Our mission is to share knowledge in every possible way and inspire readers with the latest developments within the electrical engineering sector.

Each issue features a popular theme and is filled with exciting DIY projects, in-depth product reviews, impressive interviews and interesting background articles. Our readers always eagerly await the innovations that are on the horizon.

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More than just an electronics magazine

Elektor is on top of new developments, and in a variety of ways we share the knowledge gathered by our members and experts. This is how we try to facilitate the community as best we can. Read what others are doing with the latest technology or become an active member of the community yourself:

  • Collaborate with our in-house experts and other users on designs or share your process. You can even earn from a project if it is selected for publication in the magazine or as a product in the webshop.
  • In the Elektor Store, you can buy essential parts, books or handy kits at a discount, including the necessary items to try out published projects at home.
  • On the Elektor.TV YouTube channel, you can watch a large number of videos made by us – from interviews to reviews.
  • Participate in next-generation technologies and essential engineering techniques.

The history of Elektor: the electronics magazine


In the 1960s, we spearheaded the first electronics maker movement with our magazines and books. Since then, our global community has grown with hundreds of thousands of active members and more than 1,000 contributing experts. We are proud that we continue to grow by inspiring new members to design, share and sell electronics. Design, Share & Earn.

Developments and innovations in our field are following each other in rapid succession. A subscription to Elektor Magazine keeps you abreast of the latest insights and helps you keep your technical skills up to date. Are you interested in technology and want to learn more about the future of electronics? Then start your journey with an Elektor Magazine subscription and become part of this inspiring community.