Elektor July/August 2024

Welcome to our "Focus On" page for the IoT & Sensors edition of ElektorMag. From revolutionizing industrial applications to enhancing daily life, IoT- and sensor-related technologies are reshaping our future, which is why Elektor focuses an entire edition on them each year. The July/August 2024 edition includes insightful articles on the following topics: a versatile Matter-based IoT development board; AWS for Arduino; a DIY cloud chamber; an Arduino Cloud-connected water leak detector; AI-based data logging for gardening; tips for selecting weather station sensors; and much more. As you read this edition and work on your own DIY electronics projects, we encourage you to present your work and to collaborate with others on the Elektor Labs platform


Visit Elektor’s IoT & Sensors webpage for regular updates about IoT- and sensors-related topics! On that page, our in-house engineers and editors regularly post electronics projects, tutorials, news, and product reviews. We recommend that you bookmark the page so you easily check for updates.
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Webinar: IoT & Sensors

Elektor Webinars




Are you interested in the IoT, sensors, and related technologies? Elektor editors, engineers, and authors have a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience with respect to these subjects! Join us for a webinar about the IoT and sensor tech in August 2024. We are currently planning the specific webinar topic and curriculum. As soon as we have more details, we will share the necessary info on the Elektor Webinars page. Stay tuned for updates.



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