Modular board for a température converter from a a resistive platinum probe PT100 from 0 to 100°C to a rension from 0 to 10V

- A temperature resistive platinum probe 2 or 3 wire PT100
- An alimentation 24V DC

A tension from 0 to 10V for connecting to a logic controller as a ZELIO from SCHNEIDER for example.

20°C give 2V, 22°C give 2.2V, 50°C give 5V and 100°C give 10V ..........

The accurancy is good for domestical application.

The hybrid circuit you see at the vertical with the two adjustable resistors is the "brain" of the system. I developped it myself.
One adjustable is for adjust the 0°C (with water + ice) and the other for adjust the 100°C (with boiled water).
You can evenly use my PT100 EMULATOR for adjust and test (it comming soon).