I am looking for a possible universal module for USB devices such as sports watches, bike computers, GPS tracker, dive computers or similar using the accompanying USB interfaces to combine over a WLAN with a smartphone (iPhone), tablet PC (iPad) or laptop and to transmit data. The module is to be powered by batteries and can also provide the interface with power. The battery should be recharged via USB also. I think of as small a box that you can easily carry with you. It would be great if even memory would be integrated in the form of a memory card reader, which receives the data temporarily. Background: Many of the above sports equipment record data that can be transmitted via an interface to a computer. Almost all of these interfaces now communicate via the USB interface. In sports you will be almost never with a computer, but more with a smartphone or iPad. For many of these sports equipment are also relevant apps that allow the data to be analyzed. However, I must usually wait until I got home with it, because the devices do not have interfaces to connect the sports equipment with it. So it is imperative that the data is transferred to the computer at home and can be analyzed with the associated app. Often, however, it would be useful to be able to make the evaluation on its way during a break, for example, height profiles to view or retrieve and dives to immediately comment. This would be given to a universal wireless module to which you could connect USB interfaces. Is it possible to implement the outlined tasks with standard modules?