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Function Generator, Final Part

Function Generator, Final Part
INTERMEDIATE PROJECT A series of projects for the not-so-experienced constructor. Although each article will describe in detail the operation, use, construction and, where relevant, the underlying theory of the project, constructors will, none the less, require an elementary knowledge of electronic engineering. Each project in the series will be based on inexpensive and commonly available parts. 3c. Function generator, final part J. Bareford The low-cost function generator we set out to describe three months ago is completed with a waveform selection circuit, an output amplifier and a power supply. You are almost there if the modules de- scribed in the previous two instalments of this article (Refs. 1 and 2) have been built and tested. For those eager to finish the project we have designed two more mo- dules that are required to give the test instrument all the functions users of a function generator have come to expect. The rectangular and triangular wave generators described ear...
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