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Child-Proof Reset Switch

Child-Proof Reset Switch
010 CHILD-PROOF RESET SWITCH The reset switch on a com- puter is a very important con- trol. If an operating instruction threatens to wreck the internal management of a computer, the reset button is often the only way of avoiding a possible dis- aster. On the other hand, it may also be the cause of a disaster. After all, one touch on it and hours of work may be negated in an instant, that is, if you do not save your work every fif- teen minutes or so. None the less, anyone can have an acci- dent, but it is particularly important that children or pets can not inadvertently operate the control. The circuit proposed here should put an end to your wor- ries in this respect. Instead of one reset switch, it is necessary to press four switches simulta- neously. The chances of this happening by accident or child or pet are so small as to be neg- ligible. The four switches are placed S2 S3 S .71. o-Q 894011- 11 in positions that make it impos- sible to operate them all with one hand. Inste...
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