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Titan 2000 - part 5:

half-bridging two single amplifiers

Titan 2000 - part 5:
In the introduction to Part 1 it was stated that the Titan 2000 could deliver up to 2000 watts of ‘music power’, a term for which there is no standard definition but which is still used in emerging markets. Moreover, without elaboration, this statement is rather misleading, since the reader will by now have realized that the single amplifier cannot possibly provide this power. That can be attained only when two single Titan amplifiers are linked in a half-bridge circuit. The true power, that is, the product of the r.m.s. voltage across the loudspeaker and the r.m.s current flowing into the loudspeaker, is then 1.6 kilowatts into a 4-ohm loudspeaker.
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