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MP3 Basics and Chipsets

Staging a DiY Stand-Alone MP3 Player

MP3 Basics and Chipsets
Traditionally, an MP3 player requires a semiconductor memory to store MP3 data. MP3 players capable of reading data directly from a CD and without ‘help’ from a PC are few and far between. That may change, however, with the home-brew MP3 player described in this short series of articles.Music programme material disguised as MP3 files have become big business on the Internet. However, before you can actually play a music-CD with your own selection of MP3 titles you typically have to provide a link between your stereo and your PC, by way of the soundcard. Arguably, a stand-alone MP3 player with an internal standard CD-ROM drive and a hardware MP3 decoder, ready for connection to your stereo, represents a much better solution because it avoids the tedious process of having to ‘boot’ your PC every time you want to play some music.
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