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Software Synthesisers

Nostalgia with the MIDI Parameter Box

Based on a Labs project | October 2011 | Find it here
Software Synthesisers
In the February issue we described a MIDI Parameter Box, in which the emphasis was placed on the hardware. In this article we will revisit this project, but will now pay special attention to software synthesisers: programs that imitate a ‘70s era synthesiser on a PC or Mac. The Parameter Box makes the operation of this software remarkably easier.In all likelihood, many readers will immediately switch off upon reading the term ‘MIDI’, thinking it is something for dyed-in-the-wool musicians who will hook up various all-electronic instruments, using this digital interface. This impression in not correct, however. Anyone who owns a PC or MAC with a sound card can play around with the Parameter Box.To most users, the sound card is just a ‘passive’ aid to make the (standard) sounds from the operating system audible, play audio CDs or to enliven presentations and games with sound effects. These capabilities are standard features of the existing software.
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