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DSP Filter Primer

a practical example of Digital Signal Processing

DSP Filter Primer
Many people are put off using Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) by the thought of grappling with complex mathematical algorithms. In some situations a DSP offers the most cost-effective solution and in practice you don’t need to be Einstein to use them successfully. In this article we deal with a practical application and take a look at some of the background theory.Back in March 1998 we published a series of articles titled “Introduction to digital signal processing” which gave a good insight into the theory behind signal processing and used software routines running on a PC and its sound card to process signals. This article takes a different slant. Here we take a proprietary DSP chip (just a special form of high-speed processor using an instruction set that allows mathematical computations to be performed efficiently) and together with the author’s filter design software we build a practical filter circuit.
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