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Portable MP3 Players

Smaller and with new ICs

Portable MP3 Players
The MP3 format took just a few years to become an important standard in the music industry. Today, MP3 players come in many brands and models, both stand-alone and portable, with either a CD drive or a Flash memory to hold music files. Despite the wide choice of commercial units now in the shops, building an MP3 player yourself is still great fun.It is fair to say that the MP3 format triggered a revolution in the musical industry. Thanks to MP3’s enormous compression factor it became possible, for the first time, to distribute music files using the Internet and even email. But MP3 also has distinct advantages for use at home and ‘on the road’. After all, a single CD-ROM has sufficient capacity to hold hours of music, while MP3 players with an internal hard disk can easily store a complete musical collection.
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