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DMX 3-in-I

Splitter, Isolator, Repeater

DMX 3-in-I
This project dubbed ‘DMX 3-in-1’ is an active splitter that distributes a single DMX signal across three outputs. In addition it features full electrical isolation between input and outputs, while any of the three outputs can act independently of the others.The DMX 3-in-1 splitter/isolator/repeater can be used with all equipment that supports DMX512, and will help to increase its reliability in actual operation. The unit will also prove useful for quick recabling of equipment, because it allows the (physically) shortest link to be created.An example may help to illustrate the point: let’s assume there’s DMX equipment at the left-hand as well as the right-hand side of the stage.
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1 = 120?
R2 = 220?
R3,R4,R5 = 4k?7
C1-C4 = 470µF 16V radial
C5,C6,C7,C12 = 100nF
C8-C11 = 1µF 16V radial
B1-B4 = B40C1000, round case (40V piv, 1A)
IC1-IC4 = 7805
IC5-IC8 = LTC485CN8 or SN75176BP
IC9,IC19,IC11 = 6N137
Miscellaneous :
F1 = fuse holder, PCB mount, with fuse 100mA(T) (slow)
K1 = 2-way PCB terminal block, lead pitch 7.5mm
K2-K5 = 3- way PCB terminal block, lead pitch 5mm
Tr1,Tr2 = mains transformer, 2x6 V secondaries, 1.5VA or 2 VA
1 off IEC mains appliance socket
3 off XLR socket (female), 3-way, chassis mount, 180 degrees
1 off XLR plug (male), 3-way, chassis mount, 180 degrees
PCB, available from The PCBShop
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