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An Electronic Watering Can


An Electronic Watering Can
Summertime is holiday time but who will be looking after your delicate houseplants while you are away? Caring for plants is very often a hit or miss affair, sometimes you under-water and other times you over-water. This design seeks to remove the doubt from plant care and keep them optimally watered.
The principle of the circuit is simple: first the soil dampness is measured by passing a signal through two electrodes placed in the soil. The moisture content is inversely proportional to the measured resistance. When this measurement indicates it is too dry, the plants are given a predefined dose of water. This last part is important for the correct function of the automatic watering can because it takes a little while for the soil to absorb the water dose and for its resistance to fall. If the water were allowed to flow until the soil resistance drops then the plant would soon be flooded.
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