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Hexadoku february 2006

Puzzle with an electronic touch

Hexadoku february 2006
Here is the third Hexadoku puzzle, the brain teaser for electronics fans and their family members. Solve the puzzle and win one of the fantastic prizes!
The instructions for the puzzle are straightforward. In the diagram composed of 16_16 boxes, enter numbers in such a way that all hexadecimal numbers 0 through F (that’s 0-9 and A-F) occur once in every row, once in every column, and in every one of the 4_4 boxes (marked by the thicker black lines). A number of clues are given in the puzzle and these determine the start situation.
Your solution may win a prize and requires only the numbers in the grey boxes to be sent to us (see below). The puzzle is also available as a free download from our website (Magazine ? 2006 ? March).
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