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GameBoy Electrocardiograph

It’s great to be able to make your own ECG and show it to your GP or clinical staff. However, numerous problems have to be resolved in order to properly sample the heart's electrical activity. Here’s how we did it using a GameBoy games console and a plug-in board you can buy ready-built and tested from Elektor.
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Component list
(all SMD, except K1)
(all 0805 case)
R1 = 2M2 1%
R2,R15,R21 = 47k
R3 = 22k
R4,R13 = 47k 1%
R5,R14 = 220k 1%
R6 = 22 k 1%
R7 = 4k7
R8,R11 = 100k 1%
R9 = 10k
R10 = 210k 1%
R12 = 12k
R16 = 2M2
R17,R18,R22,R25 = 100k
R19 = 1k
R20 = 390k
R23,R24 = 1M
P1 = 22 k preset (Bourns 3314G)
(all 0805 case except C8 and C19)
C1 = 560pF 5%
C2 = 33nF 5%
C3-C7,C11,C13-C17= 100nF
C8 = 1µF (1208)
C9 = 470pF
C10 = 1nF
C12 = 2nF2
C18 = not fitted
C19 = 10µF (1208P)
IC1,IC2 = TLV2254AID
IC3 = ADC08831IM (Analog Devices) or TLC0831CD (Texas Instruments)
IC4 = PSD813F2A-90M (STMicroelectronics), programmed
D1-D5 = BAV99
T1 = BC848B
K1 = Molex connector, 5-way, Dubox 89882-405, Digikey # 90148-1102-ND
Programming connections:
K3 = Molex connector, 6-way, 1.25mm lead pitch, type 53261-0671 (Digikey # WM7624CT-ND)
Optionally: FlashLink programming connection:
Molex 6-way connector, 1.25mm lead pitch, female (Digikey # WM1724-ND)
6 wires with pin terminations for Molex connector (Digikey # WM1775-ND)
Cutaneous probes or clips are available from medical supplies outlets
5-way SIL pinheader
4 mm plate (3x)
6 m screened audio cable
PCB, with all components ready fitted, tested, order code 050280-91
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