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Elektor USA April 2013 is published on March 19, 2013

Next Month in Elektor
Lost Model Finder Nope, this circuit does not help you locate Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss. We’re talking about a handy device to help you find your crashed model airplane in a field. A small transmitter is housed in the aircraft, and its beacon signals are picked up by a receiver using a directional antenna. Thanks to the use of commercial, type approved ISM band transmitter and receiver modules, the circuit is easy to build. Embedded Linux Extension Board By now the Elektor Linux Board has captured thousands of Elektor readers. In the next edition we present an extension board that contains some nifty hardware add-ons. There are three push buttons, an LCD with 2 x 16 characters, a buzzer, a real-time clock with battery and a port expansion with 16 additional digital inputs/outputs. Moreover, there is also a 0.6 x 2.4 inch (1.5 x 6 cm) prototyping area to build your personal extensions. 500 ppm LCR Meter Construction We appreciate that the schematics and various design considerations of the brand new 500 ppm LCR Meter launched in this edition may take some time to digest properly, say, a month. So, next month we cheerfully continue with the construction of the meter. A precision instrument like this one of course requires extra care in design and the quality of the components used.
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