Factors underpinning future action

December 11, 2008 | 00:00

Factors underpinning future action – country fact sheets

This report is the 2008 version of the country fact sheets that were first provided in the report “Factors underpinning future action” in October 2006 (Höhne et al. 2006b) and updated August 2007 (Höhne et al. 2007). The objective of the fact sheets is to provide an analytical basis to underpin discussions on future commitments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the end of the first Kyoto Protocol commitment period (i.e. post-2012).

Countries vary substantially in their national circumstances, including emission profiles, energy use and action against climate change. Much of the data on these national circumstances are available but spread over various sources.

Within this project, we developed fact sheets presenting historical trends, the current situation and projections to 2020 for 60 countries (Appendix A). Each fact sheet is accompanied by an electronic spreadsheet with further data in table format for more detailed analysis.

The fact sheets provide a ready overview of a number of important national circumstances, characteristics and trends for negotiations on post-2012 climate change regimes in a common format. The information should facilitate the negotiations process by providing insight into the background of key negotiation partners and allowing for a better assessment of the acceptability of specific proposals of certain partners.

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