Lantronix Arduino WiFi Shield

May 28, 2014 | 12:04
Lantronix Arduino WiFi Shield
Lantronix Arduino WiFi Shield

The xPico WiFi Shield supports simultaneous wireless LAN client connectivity and access point (AP) functionality. This makes it easy to securely connect to an Arduino microcomputer using web-based tools and interactive applications on smartphones or tablets. Its built-in controller ensures that there is no need for a wireless LAN driver on the Arduino microcontroller to configure wireless connectivity.

The xPico Wi-Fi Shield includes connection management software and a web-based configuration interface to manage connectivity complexity on behalf of the application developer. This significantly cuts down the development overheads for engineers, designers, students and hobbyists who need to quickly add smart Wi-Fi solutions to their Arduino designs.

The xPico Wi-Fi module which forms the heart of the shield is just 24 mm x 16.5 mm, is a pin and form factor compatible member of the xPico product family that provides a low power, full IP stack, complete device server solution. The product provides direct access to data and equipment via any mobile device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer).

The xPico Wi-Fi Shield retails for $59.00 and is available for purchase worldwide through, as well as through the company's distribution channels and partners on a worldwide basis.

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