The Belgian company e-peas announces the commercial availability of the AEM10940 for more efficient energy harvesting for embedded electronics, notably applications of very low power wireless sensors (IoT), portable technology, domestic automation, industrial control, wireless geolocalisation, etc.

The AEM10940 comprises an ultra low power boost converter with an efficiency of 94 % with voltage references, energy management circuitry and LDO regulators. A cold start is possible even if the energy available is minimal; a voltage input of 380 mV and 11 μW of power will suffice.

The circuit captures all the available energy, up to 50 mW, from a source such as a photovoltaic cell. Its boost converter (with an input voltage between 100 mV and 2.5 V) allows rapid charging of any type of energy storage (Li-Ion battery, thin film, capacitor or supercapacitor).

The two embedded LDO regulators promise an efficiency of close to 98 % over a large range of loads. One of them is associated with a low voltage output and one with a high voltage output. The low voltage supply (1.8 V) can supply a load of 10 mA and is intended to supply the system’s microcontroller. At the same time, the high voltage output, between 2.2 and 4.2 V, can supply a current of 80 mA and power the wireless transceiver of the system (based for example on BLE, Zigbee, SigFox or LoRa).

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