We are delighted to alert our audio fans to two very well received titles by Douglas Self. Now available in the Elektor Store are Audio Power Amplifier Design, and Self on Audio (3rd edition). 
Audio Power Amplifier Design is the essential reference book for amplifier designers. Covering everything from power supply and protection to distortion and reliability, it holds everything you need to know. This is a much expanded edition, and is packed with new information making it a must have for anyone aiming for technical excellence. 
Self on Audio, now in the 3rd edition, is the most comprehensive collection of significant articles in the technical audio press. Featuring 45 articles first appearing in electronic publications (including Elektor!), as well as expanded prefaces for each articles, there really is nothing it doesn't cover. Self includes background information and circuit commentary to bring a freshness to the articles that cover a wide range of topics from mixing console design, right up to very high-end power amplifier design. 
Both of these extraordinary books are now available in the Elektor Store, so don't miss out and get your copy today!