Atmel launches digital audio development system

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Atmel launches digital audio development system
Atmel launches digital audio development system

Atmel Corporation has announced a complete hardware and firmware digital audio solution aimed at simplifying the design of digital audio equipment for consumer, automotive and industrial applications. Based on the Atmel's AVR UC3 microcontrollers, the Digital Audio Platform is specifically tailored for audio applications such as USB docking stations for smartphones and media players.


The platform comprises dedicated microcontrollers, evaluation kits and firmware IP. The firmware IP includes control and streaming interfaces for popular smartphones and portable media players as well as MP3, WMA and AAC decoders, USB protocol stacks, and a complete file system to allow designers to utilise mass storage devices such as USB flash disks and SD cards. The Digital Audio Platform is ideal for applications including docking stations, USB mass storage, SD card playback, car stereos, USB speakers, microphones, and various voice and music equipment.


A ready-to-go commercial licensing model for firmware IP enables designers to keep their firmware code confidential. Available evaluation kits (EVK1104AU and EVK1105AU) include a board with an Atmel AVR MCU and free downloadable source code.


Image: Atmel

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