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Audio effects processor IC enables sound tailoring

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Audio effects processor IC enables sound tailoring
Audio effects processor IC enables sound tailoring

Quickfilter Technologies has developed a three-channel audio processor IC designed for insertion in a serial digital audio data path. The QF3DFX Profound Sound Audio Processor is easily configured using Quickfilter QFPro design software and features royalty-free, user tuneable advanced audio algorithms for psychoacoustic effects such as bass enhancement, high frequency restoration and virtual surround sound.


The QF3DFX can interface with I²S or TDM audio systems. It can operate at data rates up to 48 kilosamples per second and supports word sizes of 16 and 24 bits. The QF3DFX is self-booting and provides pin control for volume, mute and profiles to enable cost-sensitive designs with minimal external components. It automatically powers down when audio data is not present, facilitating its use in low power applications such as wireless headsets and speakers.

In consumer audio products such as iPods, MP3 docking stations and sound bars, speakers have been scaled down and placed close together, resulting in poor bass response and limited stereo separation. With the Quickfilter Profound Sound IC, these speakers can reproduce bass tones down to 40 Hz and provide enough separation to create virtual surround sound with just two small speakers.


According to Quickfilter, the key advantage of the QF3DFX over alternative solutions using DSPs and licensed software is that it allows developers to achieve superior audio performance at lower cost without the need for licensed software, which often restricts design freedom. The QF3DFX is fully user configurable, so products can be given their own unique sound. In addition, with the QFPro software all tuning can be done in real time by the audio engineer instead of the DSP engineer, thereby reducing software iterations and improving time to market.


A complete three-channel development board built around the QF3DFX processor (illustrated) is also available


Image: Quickfilter Technologies

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