BeagleBone, now available in Green

August 17, 2015 | 21:48
The BBG... same power, different connection options
The BBG... same power, different connection options
Although a new version of the BeagleBone board was announced at the Bay Area Maker Faire last year, the final design has only recently made an appearance. The BeagleBone Green is the result of collaboration between the Beagleboard foundation and Seeed Studio. The major change is a price reduction to $39, which works out at $11 less than the BeagleBone Black. The processor remains the same but there is no HDMI display output, instead two Grove connectors allow connection to the existing range of Seeed sensor boards. The barrel plug used on the BBB for DC power input is now replaced by a micro USB connector which also serves as a port for a PC.

The battery-backed RTC featured on the BBG showcased at the Maker Faire has also been dropped from the final design. The specs, in short include:

Processor: AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8:
• 512MB DDR3 RAM
• 4GB 8-bit eMMC on-board flash storage
• 3D graphics accelerator
• NEON floating-point accelerator
• 2x PRU 32-bit microcontrollers

Software Compatibility:
• Debian
• Android
• Ubuntu
• Cloud9 IDE on Node.js w/ BoneScript library

• USB client for power & communications
• USB host
• Ethernet
• 2x 46 pin headers
• 2x Grove connectors (I2C and UART)

Existing Seeed Studio sensor boards which can be used with the BBG include:
• Grove-3-Axis Digital Gyro (I2C)
• Grove-3-Axis Digital Accelerometer (I2C)
• Grove-3-Axis Digital Compass (I2C)
• Grove-IMU 10DoF (I2C)
• Grove-Digital Light (I2C)
• Grove-Temperature& Humidity (I2C)
• Grove-Barometer (I2C)
• Grove-Finger-clip Heart Rate (I2C)
• Grove-GPS UART
• Grove-IR Distance Interrupter (I/O)

For more information visit the Beagleboard foundation.
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