The TwinBot is a telepresence robot development platform you can build yourself. What makes it special is that the robot is designed as a self-balancing electric scooter, similar to a small Segway. The TwinBot is very slender, which enables it to move more like a real person and gives it a more humanoid appearance. Tipping over is virtually impossible thanks to the balance control algorithm. The turning circle is very small because the two wheel motors are driven independently. The mobile TwinBot communicates through a compact and inexpensive Android tablet with an 8-inch screen. The tablet provides the link to the outside world and drives the TwinBot control unit through a serial Bluetooth link.
This alter ego consisting of metal and electronics instead of flesh and blood is an excellent high-tech option for teams whose members are spread over different countries or continents. Experience shows that flesh-and-blood meeting participants adapt surprisingly quickly to the telepresence avatars of their remote counterparts.