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Circuit Cellar presents first book: Assembly Language Essentials

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Circuit Cellar presents first book: Assembly Language Essentials
Circuit Cellar presents first book: Assembly Language Essentials

‘Assembly Language Essentials’ is Circuit Cellar magazine’s first book publication and immediately sets a high standard. Circuit Cellar is Elektor’s sister publication in the USA.


This is a matter-of-fact guide to Assembly that will introduce you to the most fundamental programming language of a processor. Unlike other resources about Assembly that focus exclusively on specific processors and platforms, this book uses the architecture of a fictional processor with its own hardware and instruction set. This enables you to consider the importance of Assembly language without having to deal with predetermined hardware or architectural restrictions.


You’ll immediately find this thorough introduction to Assembly to be a valuable resource, whether you know nothing about the language or you have used it before. The only prerequisite is that you have a working knowledge of at least one higher-level programming language, such as C or Java.


Assembly Language Essentials is an indispensible resource for electronics engineering professionals, academics, and advanced students looking to enhance their programming skills. The book provides the following, and more:


  • An introduction to Assembly language and its functionality

  • Significant definitions associated with Assembly language, as well as essential terminology pertaining to higher-level programming languages and computer architecture

  • Important algorithms that may be built into high-level languages, but must be done the “hard way” in Assembly language — multiplication, division, and polynomial evaluation

  • A presentation of Interrupt Service Routines with examples

  • A free, downloadable Assembler program for experimenting with Assembly

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