Now available is Elektor’s May & June 2016 edition! Available for purchase either as a 132-page printed magazine or as a pdf document and with free shipping for the printed magazine, you can receive it direct to your door for no additional costs at all.

One of the highlights of this edition is the New Precise Nixie Clock. Following on from the 2014 Precise Nixie Clock Project, the New Precise Nixie Clock combines modern and legacy technologies. The clock receives time signals for the GPS system and displays the time with six Nixie tubes, with this model also showing the seconds!

Another highlight is the 50-W Solar Cell Voltage Regulator, an innovative Reader’s Project. Originally intended for a small weather station, this solar panel power regulation module is ideal for all other low consumption applications too such as the outdoor LED lighting illustrated by the author of this article.

Also included in this edition is the Which Scope? report, a detailed comparison of the oscilloscopes currently on the market aimed at helping you decide which one to buy. Not only that, but there is the brand new article about Altium’s CircuitMaker, and its tips and tricks, which boasts an introduction to the product by opening the Community Vault and by visiting the Octopart Library.

This edition also provides exciting articles exploring how with Blynk, Android meets Arduino, as well the Speaking Sonar Stick and the new and exciting TwinBot, not forgetting part 3 of the Eagle Tips & Tricks series. In good tradition the edition closes with Retronics, this time on Elektor’s 1,000-watt Audio Amplifier from 1986. And of course we have included all of our updates and news stories to peak your interest and keep you in the loop of what’s going on here at Elektor.

Printed copies of edition 3/2016 can be ordered directly from the Elektor Store at no charge for P&P, until edition 4/2016 comes out. The completely identical online version is available for instant downloading by GOLD and GREEN members here. Not a member yet? Click here to join the Elektor Community!