Elektor.Labs is Hiring

January 22, 2014 | 00:00
Elektor.Labs is Hiring
Elektor.Labs is Hiring

To reinforce its engineering team in The Netherlands, Elektor.Labs has a job opportunity for a motivated electronics engineers with excellent programming skills.


Today, software determines the specifications of almost every electronic device. Although developing such devices still requires deep knowledge of electronic circuit design, good programming skills are increasingly important. Within this context, Elektor.Labs is seeking a motivated electronics engineer who can create software with the quality Elektor’s clients have come to expect.


The ideal candidate takes embedded programming seriously and supplies high-quality software that’s reliable in terms of support and maintenance. As a member of the Electronics Projects Development Team, the new hire will work closely with technical writers and electronics designers from around the world. Consequently, besides having a solid knowledge of analog and digital circuit design, the ideal candidate should be fluent in English and have excellent communication skills. Finally, the ideal candidate’s work should consistently aim for the best possible end-user experience.
In short, the ideal applicant should be skilled in the following areas:
• Programming—embedded as well as PC (C/C++/C#, assembler, BASIC, VHDL, etc.)
• Electronics—analog as well as digital design
• Communication—written and spoken English, a command of Dutch, German or French is appreciated



For more information on this job opportunity, please contact Clemens Valens: c.valens[at]elektor[dot]com
Candidates may send their personal resume to Hedwig Hennekens: h.hennekens[at]elektor[dot]com


About Elektor.Labs
Elektor.Labs is the independent engineering department of Elektor International Media BV. All projects and prototypes are designed and tested by a team of electrical engineers before publication in the international editions of Elektor magazine. Elektor.Labs is all about learning, designing, making, testing and sharing—the keywords for the electronics project development website Elektor-labs.com.

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