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Elektor Presents RF & Microwave Toolbox for Android

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor Presents RF & Microwave Toolbox for Android
Elektor Presents RF & Microwave Toolbox for Android

Many people still consider RF design a black art but with the right tools part of the magic quickly disappears. That is why Elektor created the RF & Microwave Toolbox app for Android. Whether you are an RF professional, radio-amateur, astronomer or hobbyist, this app puts some of the most important tools right at your fingertips. Literally! Simply touch, tap and slide your way through filter, antenna gain, PCB trace, impedance or cross section calculations.


Developed by Elektor reader Faust Nijhuis, the RF & Microwave Toolbox contains 34 calculation and conversion tools for RF, microwave and electronics in general, all with a consistent look and feel. Use this toolbox to calculate component values for passive filter circuits; calculate impedance, capacitance, inductance, resonance frequency, quality factor, bandwidth, PCB traces, low, band and high pass, band stop, Chebyshev and Butterworth LC filters.


Did we mention that you can convert between field intensity and power density? Design microwave filters by using techniques like interchange of circuits, Kuroda's identities, series and shunt lines, coupled line circuits and stepped impedance? Easily find EMC, EIRP, ERP, electric field and received power values or dive into the radar tools? And, and,… oh well, better go and get it now and find out what more we packed into this powerful toolbox!

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