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Elektor Project Generator edition 2011 published

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor Project Generator edition 2011 published
Elektor Project Generator edition 2011 published

Elektor’s annual compilation of small projects, ideas and designs tips and trivia is now available from newsstands and directly from the publishers. The edition was formerly known as “Summer Circuits” and renamed “Project Generator” last year. If this is the first time you get to see this format of Elektor, rest assured that it’s been around since 1976 without so much as an attempt at imitation by any of our competitors. It’s unusual not just in terms of spanning two months (July and August), but also in size (120 pages instead of 88) and coverage (lots of projects in the making instead of all neatly finished and ready to replicate). Come to think of it, the grand total of items published in all of Elektor’s July/August editions should be of the order of 3,500.


‘Project Generator’ is Elektor’s best selling edition of the year and a treasure trove for all of you stuck for ideas when it comes to designing-in, modifying or researching certain parts of a circuit, or just catching up on design approaches of the Third Kind (i.e. off the beaten track). Each article is just begging for you to improve on, redesign, incorporate or analyse -- helping you to generate your own project and perhaps get it published in Elektor.


The Project Generator edition has traditionally been the place where readers have an opportunity to present their small projects (mostly in their own words) to members of the electronics community, cheerfully alongside some contributions from Elektor’s lab staff.


In recent years contributors who actually make it to publication qualify for a small present. This year everyone got an LPCXpresso microcontroller development board kindly sponsored by NXP. The very first Project Generator article (on page 16) describes how to get started with this powerful development platform based on an ARM processor.


Buy or order this extra-thick edition and let the editor know how many projects it was successful or unsuccessful in generating for you.


Elektor PLUS subscribers can download their digital copy of the Project Generator 20121 edition at the Elektor Plus website (third link below).

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