Elektor Project Generator Edition on Sale Now

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor Project Generator Edition on Sale Now
Elektor Project Generator Edition on Sale Now

If the Summer season wasn’t reason enough to be smiling already, we have just released our double-sized Project Generator edition of Elektor Magazine. This is our highest acclaimed and best-selling issue of the year, with a multitude of projects, tweaks, design tips, news and tech updates for you to feast upon.


This is our THIRTY-SEVENTH English volume of Project Generator (formerly known as Summer Circuits) so, come rain or shine, you can rest assured that you’ll receive only the finest quality content to put all your surplus energy to use over the next two months; from building electrocardioscopes and A/V remote controls for Android devices, to solar-powered night lights and acoustic spirit levels!


Spanning the months of July and August, this super-dense, 132-page edition is a little different from the standard Elektor Magazine format, with a focus on presenting many projects in various stages of completion to inspire our readers to start their own Summer projects and share them with our Elektor.LABS community.


Put an umbrella in your drink, buy this extra-thick edition and let our Editor know how successful Project Generator is at keeping you generating, improving, redesigning, incorporating or analyzing projects this Summer!


Project Generator 2013 is on sale now in the Elektor online store. Order it directly from us and receive FREE shipping and handling. It is also available in selected bookshops and kiosks (subject to transport delays).

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