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Elektor Summer Edition Now On Sale

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Elektor Summer Edition Now On Sale
Elektor Summer Edition Now On Sale

When everything you never even imagined that maybe you wanted to know it someday is out there on the internet, do you ever wonder how magazines survive? Of course you can search the internet for an answer, but we have a theory of our own. We call it Quality Content.


What you read on the net may be good or bad or anything in between, what you read in Elektor is guaranteed to be verified and of high quality. All the circuits in this extra-thick 148-page Summer Edition have been built and tested by Elektor Labs and we certify that they work. Not only do we do that, we also explain in detail how they work. And instead of drowning the information on web pages flooded by distracting colors, advertisements and other useless ‘no’ledge, we spend time on article lay-out and graphical design. What you get when you do it our way is Quality Content.


We are proud of our work, we hope you like it too.


Watch a video about the new issue.


Game: We left a case empty in figure 8 on page 75. Send in a funny caption and maybe you win something!*


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*Excluded from competition: “acquisition of X, Y and Z components of earth’s gravitational field”

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