Elektor.TV | Touchless & Transparent: 3D Gesture Recognition Control for Displays

May 28, 2015 | 11:00
The future of human interface devices is… touchless. At Elektor we’ve already been working with Microchip’s Hillstar devkit (that brings in the MGC3130 GestIC controller), but the question was always: How to combine controller and display in one device while keeping the same accuracy of the controller pad alone?

Florian Schlaadt, Application Engineer at Microchip, showed us how they are getting rid of the previous “opaque” pad embedding the electrodes into a synthetic foil, making possible the integration of a screen behind the controller itself.

Order bundle at Elektor with 2x different pads at the best price of the net! (no kidding)

Watch our previous unboxing & walkthrough video

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