Get a 30% Discount on 1001 Circuits

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Get a 30% Discount on 1001 Circuits
Get a 30% Discount on 1001 Circuits

This week's Summer Deal is a CD-ROM containing more than 1001 circuits, ideas, tips and tricks from the last ten Summer Circuits issues of Elektor magazine. All articles contain of course the complete text, but many of them also include components lists and full-sized printed circuit board layouts. The articles are grouped alphabetically in nine different sections:


  • audio & video
  • computer & microcontroller
  • hobby & modelling
  • home & garden
  • high frequency
  • power supplies
  • robotics
  • test & measurement
  • miscellaneous


The contents of this CD-ROM may be read and printed on all computer platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS) with Adobe Reader version 6 or higher (version 9.3 for Windows XP is included). Navigation is easy thanks to clear sections, alphabetical tables of content for each section, and hyperlinks. Articles and component lists can be searched using the search function of Adobe Reader.


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