Intelligent Patch can save Lives

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Intelligent Patch can save Lives
Intelligent Patch can save Lives

Heart disease is the most common cause of disability and even death in Europe and the USA. Currently, cardiac arrhythmias are mainly determined by recording an electrocardiogram (ECG) either in the hospital or by wearing an uncomfortable heart monitor for several days. To make things easier and to avoid unnecessary emergency admissions an intelligent patch capable of continuously monitoring heart activity has been developed. One of the important advantages of the new patch is that it allows the patient to move freely. It is comfortable and does not interfere with daily activities and sports.


The patch developed by the research labs Imec and Holst Centre and the Danish company Delta measures 3 ECG signals while a 3D accelerometer monitors physical activity. The captured data is processed by a microprocessor integrated in the patch and relevant information is transmitted wirelessly using the new Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Energy consumption is low enough to allow continuous operation during one week.


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