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Keep money in your pocket with Elektor package deals

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Keep money in your pocket with Elektor package deals
Keep money in your pocket with Elektor package deals

What outsiders call electronics is just a collective noun for a mass of disciplines and fields of interest, all with their own flock of enthusiasts, specialists, preferred suppliers, favourite media and even ways and standards of communicating.


Try to make an ARM programmer mention two common filament voltages used in thermionic tubes and the best you will get is silence from his PC keyboard. It is Elektor’s very own accomplishment to supply publications covering all disciplines of electronics without applying segregation. One way of doing it is to bundle products and services that belong together in terms of field of interest. If that sounds academic to you we hasten to add that price cuts are applied to the bundles so obtained and that they’re package deals you can’t refuse, if only to keep money in your pocket.


Examples of Elektor package deals include the ARM Microcontrollers Bundle, which is a book and associated Starter Kit at a special discounted price, the Fun with LEDs Bundle, a 96 page booklet and a 60-piece Starter Kit, and the Audio Collection Bundle giving you access to more than 225 different audio circuits originally published in Elektor magazine.


See the link below for an overview of all Elektor Package Deals on offer.

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