To help designers and builders of assimilation lighting for horticulture, Lumileds has launched an online lighting calculator to speed up the design process for horticulture light fittings. With this calculator the user can enter different LED combinations and operating conditions to find the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPF) and power consumption of a light fitting that is built using Luxeon SunPlus LEDs made by (not surprisingly) Lumileds.

Designed so that it is very to experiment with different LED combinations and operating conditions, the calculator makes the design of assimilation lighting much easier by providing a real-time view of the spectral power distribution.

The Luxeon SunPlus-LEDs are the only LEDs for horticulture which are sorted by PPF and wavelength to simplify the system design and optimize the wavelength for the greatest possible yield in not only conventional glasshouses but also for the greatly increasing application of 'vertical horticulture'.

The Luxeon SunPlus 20 series of LEDs are optimized for conventional greenhouses; the SunPlus 35 series has been especially developed for vertical horticulture.