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Linear Audio Books Now at Elektor

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
Linear Audio Books Now at Elektor
Linear Audio Books Now at Elektor

Elektor is proud to announce the addition of the Linear Audio collection of top quality audio books to our already impressive library. The five new books edited by Linear Audio/Jan Didden are a must have for every serious audio enthusiast.


Linear Audio

Linear Audio is a series of books dedicated to technical audio and perception. An international team of authors presents technical audio articles, concepts, ideas, and book reviews. They offer construction articles on subjects ranging from state-of-the-art digital audio to tube and solid state amplification projects.


Linear Audio 0

Linear Audio 1

Linear Audio 2

Linear Audio 3


Baxandall and Self on Audio Power

Arguably, the last quarter of the previous century saw audio (power) amplifier technology advance with great leaps. One important catalyst for this progress was the British journal Wireless World, which published leading articles on audio technology. Two often-quoted series of articles, written by Peter Baxandall and Douglas Self, have been reproduced in this book.The book includes approximately 35 pages, which have not been previously published, written by Peter discussing technical amplifier issues.


Baxandall and Self on Audio Power

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