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July 27, 2017 | 07:00
The KUNBUS industrial PC
The KUNBUS industrial PC
News from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is that they have introduced a compliance process for manufacturers who use an RPi integrated into their finished products. According to the foundation “Raspberry Pis are now essential components in everything from washing machines to underwater exploration vehicles, we love seeing these commercial applications, and are committed to helping bring Raspberry Pi-powered products to market.”

A number of product manufacturers approached the Raspberry Pi Foundation to request standardised labelling indicating that a product contains a Raspberry Pi or a Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Companies can now apply to a programme for assessment by a dedicated UL team. This ‘Integrator Programme’ is openly available at no additional costs besides the usual UL testing fees. Adding the “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logo to a product’s packaging design is a way of reminding customers that a portion of the product’s sale price supports the Raspberry Pi Foundation and its educational work.

Shown here displaying the labelling is the KUNBUS Revolution Pi, a ruggedized RPi in an enclosure with DIN rail fitting for industrial applications.
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