Bike share systems are becoming increasingly popular in order to preserve the transportation systems of large cities. Cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen, Hangzhou and New York are well-known for this. To simplify the sharing of bicycles, Mobilock has developed a bike lock that can be opened with an app on a phone. The system can be introduced worldwide without first installing payment terminals, bicycle clamps or additional bike stands. In the Netherlands that is nearly 19 million bicycles, about 8 million smartphones and tens of thousands of bike stands.

LORA, Low Power Wide Area Networks (Long Range), makes it possible to connect to billions of devices to the Internet across large distances via 3G and 4G and demands very little energy. For Mobilock this offers various advantages. One benefit is that the locations of bicycles fitted with the lock can be determined and monitored in real time. Not only when the bike is locked but also when the bike is in use. As a result it becomes easier to manage the bike share system.

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