New Book from Elektor: Elementary Course BASCOM-AVR

December 10, 2013 | 14:37
New Book from Elektor: Elementary Course BASCOM-AVR
New Book from Elektor: Elementary Course BASCOM-AVR

AVR microcontrollers are popular, easy to use and extremely versatile. Elektor magazine already produced a wealth of special applications and circuit boards based on ATmega and ATtiny controllers. These were mostly finished projects. In this book however the programming of these controllers is the foremost concern. BASCOM is an ideal tool for this. After a minimal preparation phase, you can start right away putting your own ideas into practice.


BASCOM and AVR microcontrollers - it's an unbeatable team! Whatever you want to develop, in most cases the ATmega has everything you need on board. Ports, timers, A/D converters, PWM outputs and serial interfaces, RAM, flash ROM and EEPROM: everything is in plentiful supply, and with BASCOM their use is child's play.


More challenging peripherals like LCDs, RC5 and I2C can be used as well with just a handful of instructions. A wide hardware platform is available, too. Whether you're using Atmel's STK500 kit, Elektor's Platino or your own board, you can instantly turn the examples from this book into practice.


Note: Elektor magazine members can  benefit from a special limited-time offer (till July 13): a 15% discount on the regular price of Elementary Course BASCOM-AVR plus free shipping and handling. What’s more, if you order other Elektor products at the same time, you receive free shipping on the entire order.


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